Updated 12/10/2017 – Hirochi Robaina has responded with the following quote regarding this announcement: “There is not any project where I am involved with these people. These people branded Alejandro Robaina without my concern. I visited Myanmar in 2013 and I could see by myself that it is not a good land for growing tobacco. They are not honest because they have done this behind me. I am the only one who make homage and tribute to my grandfather following the tradition of growing tobacco in Cuba and keeping the brand “HR” to the world from Nicaragua.” – Hirochi Robaina


Cigar News: Burmese Tobacco Trading Company Announces Don Alejo Robaina Cigar(Miami, Florida) December 7 2017— Burmese Tobacco Trading Company announces collaboration with the world renowned Robaina tobacco family. The Burmese Tobacco Trading Company plans to roll out the Don Alejo Robaina Cigar brand in 2018, with plans to distribute in Europe, North America, and Asian markets. The Don Alejo Robaina brand will be dedicated to the memory of the “Godfather of Cuban tobacco”, Don Alejandro Robaina.

The Burmese Tobacco Trading Company is the brainchild of the Huang family, a prominent Chinese-American group of business owners. Together with Robaina family engineers, they discovered promising land in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar (Burma) that is very similar to the tobacco farmlands of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. The now established farm: “Myanmar Farms” boasts close to 80 acres, and has been supervised and managed by select members from the Robaina family’s team.

Jimmy Huang stated:” The Robaina team members are extremely excited with the quality of tobacco that has been produced at Myanmar Farms. The altitude, climate, and rich virgin- soil in Burma was an undiscovered treasure until now. We look forward to the roll out of our premium cigars in the near future.”

The Robaina family is globally known for growing some of the highest quality tobacco worldwide, from their plantations in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Alejandro Robaina, the longtime family patriarch was globally recognized by many as the “Godfather of Cuban tobacco”. After his passing, the Robaina family continues to carry out his legacy in Cuba. They are endeavoring to further the Robaina surname, in this case, by working with the Burmese Tobacco Trading Company. The Robaina family looks forward to producing a truly unique cigar using the time honored practices of Alejandro Robaina.