Cigar News: Crowned Heads & ACE Prime Launch BULB

Cigar News: Crowned Heads & ACE Prime Launch BULB

Cigar News: Crowned Heads & ACE Prime Launch BULBCrowned Heads and ACE Prime have come together to launch BULB (, a new website to help local cigar retailers to “KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!” The site is a cigar subscription services that launches April 23, 2020.

“The idea for comes at an important time. It represents our genuine desire to support local businesses – “Keep the lights on” and help customers feel more connected to their local cigar retailer.” -Mike Conder, President and Co-founder of Crowned Heads.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected cigar retailers and their ability to sell cigars with lounges closing and customers unable to purchase the cigars they are looking for. BULB,, is a monthly subscription that directly supports the local cigar retailer. Subscribers receive exclusive content, special deals, and access to live experiences with special guests. The profits from Bulb go to retailers, to KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!

“ is a unique way to enjoy the exclusive experience, save money on their favorite cigars, and support local businesses.” – Luciano Meirelles, Co-founder of Ace Prime.


  • It’s rewarding: When they become a Bulb Partner, they get paid!
  • It’s easy: does all the work.
  • It’s personalized: It’s their client. It’s their message. We send their customized message in each Bulb Box,
    always elevating their brand, their business.

“At a time of such uncertainty and instability – is a potential ‘life-line’ to local businesses. Bulb will do all the work – including generating the marketing, creating momentum, and fulfilling the subscriptions. For cigar retailers, this is an opportunity to re-engage your “regulars,” acquire new customers and continue to provide a “sense of community.”-Luciano Meirelles, Co-founder of Ace Prime


  • Opportunity to re-engage “Regulars”: Bulb will generate the marketing and momentum.
    When retailers share their unique code, their customers have the opportunity to experience a taste of their local
    store in their homes.
  • A chance to acquire New Customers! Bulb will also direct online customers in their local area to the Retailer.
    (based on geolocation).
  • Provides a “sense of community”: The subscribers will experience exclusive content, industry insights, tips, and
    pairing experiences. Retailers will have the option to curate content as well as bring cigar events to their clients!

“Local cigars retailers are a real-life social network across the country. We are creating something that will connect the cigar family at a time of crisis, and this is only possible because of the existing trust and loyalty of the customers and the retailers.”- Jon Huber – Co-founder of Crowned Heads


Step 1: Subscribe, pick your Bulb Box (Subscriptions launch on April 23, 2020)
Step 2: Enjoy THE EXPERIENCE! Hang out with cigar legends, get private access to their incredible knowledge and imagination. Be part of a large community of passionate premium cigar enthusiasts.
Step 3: Receive THE BULB BOX! Enjoy a selection of specially curated, world-class cigars delivered to your door, every month!

5 Bulb Options:

  • Bub Access: Free Content Subscription.
  • Bulb Basic: Access to Content + 5 premium cigars picked by experts.
  • Bulb Lite: Access to Content + 10 premium cigars picked by experts.
  • The Bulb Box: Access to Content + 20 premium cigars picked by experts.
  • The Bulb Box Prime: Access to Content + 40 premium cigars picked by experts.

*Subscription cost will vary from $50 (Bulb Basic) to $360 (The Bulb Box Prime). Prices are subject to change and full price list to be announced at the launch party.


Step 1: SIGN UP ( Get listed on platform and receive access to the digital content. (Bulb Partner registrations open on Monday (4/20), or email to RSVP your place).
Step 2: SHARE your unique code with your customers, and let’s KEEP THE LIGHTS ON! You’ll also receive new customers from the online platform. When customers subscribe, you get paid.
Step 3: GET YOUR CHECK – Each month, will send you a check for the “orders” related to your “store code” and from “new clients” in your area.


Live “herf and chat” with Jon, Luciano, and special guests Thursday, 4/23 7 pm CT (8 pm ET).

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