In 2015, released the Especiale.  A cigar inspired by the blend from the cigar, also a release.  While 2015 was slated to be the only release of the Especiale, the popularity of the product combined with the looming FDA nonsense has made it a perennial release to the R. Field Co. in .

Paniolo 2018

For the 2018 Especiale release, says “We wanted to get back a little closer to the roots of the 2015 OR.  I’d been a fan of the Super Corona vitola, and rather than simply release the 2015 Broadleaf blend in that size, we opted to riff on that original blend and utilize a wrapper which gave the flavor profile it’s own unique identity.”

Full Paniolo 2018

The 2018 Especial is being produced at S.A. in Esteli, .  It is a 5.5 x 48 Super Corona, a vitola that was inspired by the Super Coronas EL 2014 ().  The Especial 2018 features binder and filler leaves from and a wrapper leaf from Mexico.  The cigar will be priced at $8.90 per cigar and available in 12-count boxes.  Production is limited to 500 boxes, total.

Photo source:  Crowned Heads Instagram