Cigar News: Drew Estate Updates Undercrown Packaging

Cigar News: Drew Estate Updates Undercrown Packaging

Drew Estate unveiled new wooden boxes for the Undercrown line today. The new packaging will ship in February. The boxes themselves look very similar to their previous version, and they still have 25 cigars in them. The main difference is that they are more compact and shelf-friendly. This allows cigar retailers to stock more boxes and cigars in the same amount of space.

Cigar News: Drew Estate Updates Undercrown Packaging

The new boxes comes to all Undercrown lines, including Maduro, Shade and Sun Grown in most sizes. The boxes for Flying Pigs, Tubos and Corona Pequeñas not change.

Undercrown’s authenticity amplifies the heart and spirit of Drew Estate. Since we first launched Undercrown a decade ago, the narrative has been consistent, telling the fiery story of ‘who we are’ from a behind-the-scenes standpoint. The Undercrown brandmark and ideology bears witness to our love for Estelí and the enthusiastic and gifted people who work so devotedly at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate. Undercrown is all about their creative ingenuity and their fearless quest for self-expression—so we will never ever change this historic and meaningful blend.”

Jonathan Drew, founder and president of Drew Estate.

“Born on the factory floor at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Estelí, Nicaragua, Undercrown is a passionate testament to the creative talent, dedication and self-determination of Drew Estate’s torcedores. This blend tells their personal story and is quintessential to the Undecrown legacy, and it will be forever preserved.”

Pedro Gomez, La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate’s factory spokesman

The undercrown line began 10 years ago when the staff at the Drew Estate factory realized they had to reduce their own personal consumption of Liga Privada No. 9 cigars because they couldn’t keep up with demand. These same workers created their own signature cigar to enjoy that used slightly different tobaccos, and undercrown was born. The blend uses many of the same rare tobaccos in the capote and tripa blends as found in Liga Privada, but a major difference is the Mexican San Andres Negro wrapper. Since then, the brand has expanded to include: Maduro, with an Otapan Negro Último Corte wrapper; Shade, which uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade-grown wrapper; and Sun Grown, which utilizes a sun-grown Sumatra wrapper cultivated in Ecuador.

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