Cigar News: FDA Testing Deadline DelayedThe has delayed  a deadline that was originally Nov. 8, 2019 for reporting the testing results for potentially harmful constituents in every cigar and pipe tobacco product sold in the United States.

Many in the cigar industry found this problematic because there is no current technology that allows for these tests to be performed on premium cigars and the provided no guidance.

The deadline is now is now six months for large manufacturers, and nine months for small manufacturers after the releases guidance on the testing. There is no timetable for when this guidance will be released and isn’t expected this year.

The IPCPR, and CAA had made several presentations to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on the unfairness of requiring testing and reporting without guidance and rules defining the process.

“IPCPR is pleased that we now have some clarity and the uncertainty for this looming deadline has been addressed,” said Executive Director Scott Pearce. “Our retail members can now operate their businesses with more confidence about the future.”

The delay came before the Monday, March 11 deadline, by which IPCPR and were going to move for an injunction against the November 8, 2019 deadline if had not delayed it.

and IPCPR will keep interacting with the courts and the about HPHC reporting requirement and deadlines and regarding next steps in the process.