Cigar News: Isabela Cigar Company Announces PepperHead Cigar Company has announced a new project. Pepper-Head. This production will be limited to 100 hand numbered signed boxes of 25. These will be available to official retailers and a small amount online at Pepper-Head will sell for $189 for the box or $8.95 individual.

Cigar News: Isabela Cigar Company Announces PepperHeadDescription from the company: “For this latest release from our Creative Magic Studio, the 2019 Pepper-Head, we take you on a magical journey to far away lands, and their myriad of different exotic peppercorns and spices , a true “tour de force” of twisting turning ever-changing transitions of flavors . To effect the myriad of multiple reveals in this blend, we utilized over 13 different strains of high-priming tobaccos, each of which was aged at different lengths, with an additional 3 years of post production aging , to meld the tobaccos into a harmonious blend of many many different flavor reveals, a true “ebb and flow” experience!”