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The Line has joined the family of cigar brands, which also owns Ventura Cigars. Starting in early March, 2016 Philips & King will offer Cigars. “Working with P&K is a giant step forward in our reintroduction of the brand” said Mike Stauffer, National Sales Director at Cigars. Kopi has worked out a deal where P&K will be offering the line at the same price as buying direct from Cigars.

This unique cigar, infused with Indonesian Coffee, was originally launched in 2009. The result, they say, is an Infused cigar that doesn’t overpower the senses with artificial flavorings.

A disruption in the supply chain in early 2015 briefly took Kopi Luwak off the market. Fast-Forward to Summer 2015. Cigars were back in production. Each remains exactly the same. The blend provides intense notes of java and mocha, along with background nuances of vanilla and cocoa. It’s sure to appeal to cigar smokers who prefer both infused and traditional premium cigars.

Two Sizes Available:

  • Luwak- 5×50 Box Pressed Robusto
  • Jambi- 5×42 Box Pressed Corona

Hand Made in the Dominican Republic, the line aims to capture rare essence of the most expensive coffee in the world. Each is made from a blend of long-leaf Cuban-seed Seco and Ligero tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, finished with a Brazilian wrapper. Every leaf in the blend is infused by Master tobacco blenders with premium coffees from the island of Sumatra, imparting rich flavors of java and mocha, with a touch of vanilla and cocoa.

BLEND COMPONENTS: Binder: Dominican Olor – Filler: Cuban Seed Ligero Cubano, Dominican Seco – Wrapper: Brazilian .

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