Cigar News: Mombacho Announces Online Store

Cigars has launched an online store to sell branded merchandise. It will not sell any cigars online. You can visit the new store at

Cigar News: Mombacho Announces Online Store

“The Brand is growing,” said Robert Rasmussen, Brand Manager of Cigars. “One of our long term goals is for Cigars to be a lifestyle brand and this store is a major step in that direction.”

Cigar News: Mombacho Announces Online StoreAt launch, the store has t-shirts, hats and cigar accessories with plans to expand the assortment in the very near future. The online store has many items that are exclusive to the shop with plans to have more limited edition merchandise soon.

“We launched with a selection of items that have been popular with our customers in the past. People are always asking me where they can get one or our hats or shirts. With the online store, we now have a place for people to find them. Definitely keep an eye out because we will have new items showing up all the time,” said Rasmussen.

They are currently shipping to the US and Canada, and will ship to Europe in the future.

cigars have earned high ratings from Blind Man’s Puff including a 92 for the Liga Maestro, and the Cosecha 2012 earning #12 on our top 25 cigar of 2017 list.