Cigar News: No La Zona Palooza in 2020

Cigar News: No La Zona Palooza in 2020

Espinosa Premium Cigars has officially cancelled the 2020 La Zona Palooza event. They released this statement:

Espinosa Premium Cigars regrets to announce that our 2020 La Zona Palooza has been officially cancelled.

We agonized over this decision. We know this is disappointing, but we are fully committed to the safety of our staff, attendees, and local residents. We waited as long as we possibly could to make this decision, truly hoping that there would be a silver lining to this current situation.

Sadly, South Florida has become the epicenter of COVID-19 within the State of Florida and we cannot in good conscious hold this event, if even the remotest chance existed that a single member of our team and/or our La Zona family could become a victim of this pandemic.

While we wrestled with this decision and its outcome, we are resolved that “the show must go on.” So while we sadly announce the cancellation of the 2020 La Zona Palooza, we are proud to announce an innovative and entertaining virtual component which is currently being finalized to replace La Zona Palooza 2020.

Details for this event will be announced on August 15, 2020. We at Espinosa Premium Cigars thank our cigar family for its continued support.


Erik Espinosa

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