Cigar News: Plasencia and Davidoff Collaborate on Limited-Edition BelicosoPlasencia Cigars and Davidoff of Geneva have collaborated to release “Plasencia Cigars for Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911.” This is a Limited-Edition belicoso cigar that will be available May 2 only in Davidoff Flagship stores in the US and at

Plasencia Cigars for Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 is described as a medium to full-bodied cigar, made with sustainable tobacco and aged for over seven years. It is rolled at the Plasencia Cigar Factory in Estelí NIcaragua. The limited-edition will only have 300 boxes made and each box has 20 belicosos that measure 6″ x 52. Pricing is set at $16.00 per cigar $320.00 for box.

“We are honored to partner with Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 to share the ideal combination of flavors and blends that perfectly represent both of our brands, in one savoring cigar,” said Nestor Andrés Plasencia, CEO of Plasencia Cigars. “Plasencia Cigars for Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 symbolizes the commitment of both brands to serve and provide consumers with the highest quality products in the industry.”

“Plasencia for Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 beautifully represents Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911’s quest for outstanding cigar experiences, providing only the finest blends for aficionados to celebrate and enjoy,” announced Lana Fraser, director of marketing of Davidoff of Geneva USA. “Plasencia Cigars, in collaboration with Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 have found the perfect synergy and balance to create an enticing and elegant blend that will create a unique and memorable experience.”

A launch event will happen in New York City on May 2 at the Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 flagship store, located at Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty St., from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.