Cigar News: Powstanie Shipping Wojtek “War Bear” 2020 Toro has started shipping the 2020 versions of their limited edition cigar ” this year in a size now. This year’s release is limited to 500 boxes.

Last year’s release was a 5 x 50 perfecto that sold for $12. The size measures 6 x 52 with a blend comprised of Ecuadorian Habano and San Andreas Barber Pole, Indonesia Binder, and Nicaraguan Fillers. The blend is a modified version of the company’s Habano cigar. Each cigar sells for $13 and comes in boxes of 21 cigars. The company has already started shipping to retailers nationwide.

cigars are rolled at Skip Martin and Mike Rosales’s Fabrica de Tabacos NicaSueño S.A. in Estelí, .

Mike Szczepankiewicz describes the reason behind the name: “The was a Syrian brown bear that was bought by Polish Soldiers. He eventually became a soldier in the Polish army in order for him to receive rations. is famous for bringing ammo to Polish soldiers that were under fire.”