and are releasing a unique size has been added to the Tabaquero by Hamlet Paredes brand.  It is a that weaves three long and thin cigars into a sort of cigar braid. The Tabaquero was first introduced by in early 2017 and used promotionally at in-store events where Hamlet himself was featured. The great popularity and novelty of the led to its addition to the Tabaquero by Hamlet line.

“When I first joined Rocky in 2015, I would roll a three foot giant at my events, and people would be wowed” explained Paredes, who made his name as a prominent cigar roller and blender in Cuba for over 25 years. “We would raffle off the giant cigar at these events, but it was not meant to be smoked. It could be smoked, but it was not meant for that. The giant  was meant to display in your man cave.


The Tabaquero is 8 inches in length, roughly 2 inches longer than the average . It is packaged in a coffin with the three woven cigars held together with ribbon.  The cigars woven in the are not meant to be sold individually. The Tabaquero by launched at the 2015 trade show. All of the Hamlet cigars are handcrafted at ’s TaviCusa factory in . The will start shipping in January 2018.  Each has a MSRP of $36.