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Cigar News: Villiger Opens Factory in Brazil

Cigars have opened a new factory in , Do Brasil (which translates from Portuguese to “ of ”).  Heinrich was there for the opening of the new facility, marking the next evolution of a long relationship between Cigars and Brazilian tobacco, dating back to Cigars’ beginnings in 1888, when began importing Brazilian tobacco.  This later led to establishing a Brazilian subsidiary, and factory called Charutos Tobajara Limitada.  The name is derived from a tobacco growing Indian tribe in the Amazon area.


Cigar News: Villiger Opens Factory in BrazilThe opening of this larger, more modern do Brasil factory, has replaced the former factory but keeps the location in the same area near the city of Feira de Santana. The Brazilian subsidiary  will now be called do Brasil Limitada.  Heinrich is passionate about Brazilian tobacco.  So much so, that he made a point to join in the opening ceremonies for the new factory. Currently, only Brazilian Puros are produced at the do Brasil factory.

Cigar News: Villiger Opens Factory in Brazil

Mr. said: ”Brazilian tobacco holds a special place in my heart. My grandparents saw the value in Brazilian tobacco when they began Cigars as very small operation in 1888, and we have continued the tradition of using this very special tobacco in many of our brands. We feel that the hard working and passionate team at do Brasil will help us increase the awareness of Brazilian tobacco worldwide.”

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