Crowned Heads Announces TAA Exclusive The Lost Angel 2023 - Cigar News

Crowned Heads Announces TAA Exclusive The Lost Angel 2023 – Cigar News

Crowned Heads has announced it’s ninth iteration of their annual TAA Exclusive, this year is The Lost Angel 2023. For the first time since 2019, the cigar was rolled at Tabacalera La Alianza, S.A., in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Our first Exclusive was released in 2014, working with Ernesto (Perez-Carrillo), and we felt it was time to take it back to where it all began for us. I think we spent more time in development of this blend than on any previous TM release to date. It really began in early 2022 when Ernesto presented this amazingly unique Ecuadorian (Sumatra) hybrid wrapper to us. It was dark and oily, but surprisingly sweet and rich. That was the jumping off point, and from there the blend was in development for the better part of a year.

Crowned Heads co-founder, Jon Huber

The Lost Angel is the “prequel” to The Angels Anvil (2014-2019), and explores the darker side of the original story’s protagonist. The story is meant to parallel Jon Huber’s career in the cigar industry. The underlying moral of the story is one of rising from the ashes, and is a reminder that the smallest of seeds needs to first be submerged in dirt, covered in darkness, and it is only then that the seed will struggle to reach the light.

The Lost Angel 2023 will be available exclusively to TAA retail members, and is limited to 1,000
(20-count) boxes. The cigar measures 6″ x 54 and the blend uses and Ecuadorian Sumatra Hybrid C9 wrapper, Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and fillers from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. The Lost Angel 2023 has a $13.50 MSRP per cigar. Shipping will start at the end of May.