Diesel Announces "Sunday Gravy" - Cigar News

Diesel Announces “Sunday Gravy” – Cigar News

What you call the red stuff you put on top of you pasta is probably either Sauce or Gravy. This is a hotly debated topic still to this day and has been for decades. Now is making a cigar to throw their hat in the ring for Gravy, to be exact.

will be a regular production line for , but will feature seasonally-released, Nicaraguan-forward blends. Each of these projects is a partnership between and . A new blend will be released every quarter and sold until they are gone. The goal is to have each cigar cost under $5.00.

When I first started working with and even to this day, I'm impressed by his method of making cigars. He ferments and ages his tobacco meticulously to achieve the taste he wants. His process actually reminds me of my Mom and how she cooked her Sunday sauce slowly over a low flame, knowing she had the luxury of being able to cook all day on a Sunday to get it just right. The comparison to cooking inspired the name of this new collaboration with AJ, and it's actually very similar to his approach. AJ never rushes the tobacco. In fact, his processes are what some might describe as painstaking. The result is richness, depth and complexity and like a good Sunday sauce or gravy, AJ's cigars are always worth the wait.

, senior brand manager of

The first cigar in the line is “San Marzano.” It is rolled at Tabacalera in Esteli, , and blended by and . This first release will ship August 12th. San Marzano uses three types of Cuban-seed tobacco. The blend uses an Ecuadoran wrapper, Nicaraguan Esteli binder, and Nicaraguan Jalapa for fillers. San Marzano measure 6 x 54 and will cost $4.99 to be sold in 10 packs or singles. is distributed by The Forged Cigar Company and the next cigar will be released October, 2021.