Disposable E Cigar Offered by Premium E Cigarette Especially for Hard Core Smokers Reports Saudi-un-ny.net

Dallas, TX — (SBWIRE) — 03/20/2013 — According to the reviews, Premium electronic cigaretteproves to be one of the most promising e cigarette brands. This brand always tries to provide their customers with amazing products that satisfy the craving of smokers effectively. Recently, this brand comes out with e cigars especially for the e cigar lovers. 
As people have become more health conscious, they want to change their habit of inhaling tobacco. They are looking for an alternative of tobacco and in this situation Electronic cigarette proves to be a best alternative. For those people who are hard core smokers they prefer e cigar instead of e cigarette. E cigars give smoking experience that lasts for long. Premium electronic cigarette comes out with different types of e cigars including disposables or cigar kits with various accessories. 
According to the reviews, it is clear that e cigars have similar look and feel as traditional cigars and these cigars are also known as Vape Master. This device is ready to use after opening the package. Customers feel that Vape Master E Cigar is the advanced and best tasting e cigar on the market that effectively satisfy the craving of smokers. E Cig Customers can purchase it with two different flavors including Red Line and Black Line. Those smokers who want smooth tobacco taste along with the taste of sweet honey and vanilla aroma they can choose Red Vine flavor. 
There are lots of smokers who want to enjoy traditional cigar flavor, they can choose Black Line Flavor that has rich Cuban flavor. E Cigar lasts for 1000 puffs and nicotine strength in cigars is 18 mg. Electronic Cigar is available at a price of $19.99 and a pack of 3 electronic cigars is available for $49.99. Premium e cigarette is really one of the best e cigarette brands that provide different types of e devices according to the taste of smokers. 
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