Espinosa Moves La Zona Palooza to March - Cigar News

La Zona Palooza 2021 Will Be Virtual – Cigar News

La Zona Palooza 2021 Will Be Virtual - Cigar News

Espinosa Premium Cigars has announced that their planned La Zona Palooza Event scheduled for November will be virtual due to COVID-19 concerns. The company released this statement:

After an incredible amount of deliberation, Espinosa Premium Cigars regrets to announce that we have again postponed our annual La Zona Palooza Festival.

For the last month, we have carefully considered the impact in the surge of COVID-19 and its variants both nationally and throughout the State of Florida. With no decrease on the horizon, we have reached the conclusion that hosting this event would be unsafe.

We truly agonized over this decision; we know this is disappointing, but we are fully committed to the safety of our staff, attendees, and local community. We truly believe, that if only one single person was affected by attending La Zona Palooza, it would be one person too many. We cannot in good conscious hold this event.

Just like last year, we are resolved that “The Show Must Go On.” So, while we sadly yet again announce the cancellation of La Zona Palooza, we will be hosting our 2nd Virtual Palooza. Information on this event will be disseminated in the upcoming weeks.

We at Espinosa Premium Cigars thank our cigar family for its continued support.

Erik Espinosa