Les Fines Lames Adds Two Colors to their Concrete Ashtray - Cigar News

Les Fines Lames Adds Two Colors to their Concrete Ashtray – Cigar News

is adding two new colors to their line of Concrete Ashtrays: Yellow and Olive. The Concrete ashtrays are made in France, with ultra high-performance mortar, a designer material that allows them to play with shapes, sensations and colors. The Monad is a single cigar ashtray that measures 1.2″ heigh, 5.9″ wide, and deep and weights 1.9 lbs. The DYAD has the same characteristics buy with a double ashtray and weighing slightly heavier at 2.1 lbs.

The new colors pay tribute to two of the passions of team: Havana and the great outdoors. In addition to being present on Havana coat of arms, the color Yellow is present often in the streets of the city, on its magnificent facades and, of course, on some of the most prestigious Habanos cigars bands. Olive is the color of nature, reminiscent of the leaves and foliage. The color is versatile, this tones will match your end-of-hike Dirty Martini.

The company offers this design description:

The design of the MONAD and DYAD by ashtray line is a search for balance and simplicity. It is an ode to the spirit of the cigar: the unity achieved between the individual and the product. To align soul and matter, has been inspired by two fields that are dear to its heart: philosophy and architecture.
On one hand, ancient metaphysics gives its name to the products. On the other hand, the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics marries the humility of the chosen material.

The MONAD carries an MSRP of $68 and DYAD is $78.