Luciano Cigars Expands Cigar Production - Cigar News

Luciano Cigars Expands Cigar Production – Cigar News

has resumed shipping all of its brands to retailer partners across the country, including The Dreamer, Fiat Lux, Maria Lucia, Mas Igneus, MXS, and more, follow it's split with then distributor Crowned Heads. The company says it has completely restocked the inventory of its South Florida warehouse. It also said in a press release, despite recent economic inflation, will not be raising any prices.

I find myself seeing 2023 as that sweet spot between innovation and the commitment to the traditions that have shaped our company and industry. I can't describe the excitement of our team; it's the payout of our resilience and each member of our team's hard work.

, CEO and Co-founder of

The company will also be showing off some new releases in the next few weeks including upcoming releases of and ATL Cigars ahead of the Las Vegas Total Product Expo (TPE).

To meet increasing demand of our brands and private label partners, has increased their farming, tobacco processing, and manufacturing capabilities, following the establishment of their independent distribution. The fruits of the company's evolving as a fully farm to shelf operation has been met with recognition, as its two main releases of 2022, Maria Lucia and Mas Igneus, were both highly rated in many publications, including both making it in our Top 25 cigars list.

With a factory based in Esteli, Nicaragua, the company has since fall of 2022 expanded its farming and tobacco processing facilities in Pueblo Nuevo, Jalapa and Condega. However, expansion goes beyond farming. The company has also relocated into a bigger facility (formerly known as the NACSA Old factory) as production continues to grow. In addition, the company is currently building a second facility, which will be dedicated to manufacturing mainly private labels and special projects.

With co-founder and CEO at the helm, the cigar manufacturer has doubled down on its commitment to involvement in every aspect of the cigar making process. Due to its expansion and a soon to be announced manufacturing strategic partnership, its production capacity is set up to surpass 4 million cigars in 2023.