L’Atelier Slates LAT 46 SS For March, Maduro For May

The L’Atelier LAT 46 Selection Spéciale will be begin shipping in mid-March. Retailers have begun to be informed by the company that the newest edition to the LAT family will be shipped on March 19, although the Corona Gorda will debut at Federal Cigar’s 92nd Anniversary Party on March 15.
L'Atelier LAT 46 SS.jpg
Announced late last year, the LAT 46 uses higher primings of the Sancti Spiritus wrapper giving it a significantly

darker appearance than the first three vitolas of the line. Pricing has been officially set at $8.75 per cigar and $87.50 per box, which is consistent with the sub-$10 prediction from when the cigar was announced.

In addition, Dan Welsh of L’Atelier Imports told halfwheel that the LAT Maduro will be launching May 30 at a Casa de Montecristo event featuring Pete Johnson, K.C. Johnson, Sean Casper Johnson and Dan Welsh. The cigar will be available nationally on June 3.

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