Punch Launching Bento Box Compilation - Cigar News

Punch Launching Bento Box Compilation – Cigar News

Punch, owned by General Cigar, has announced the “Punch Bento Box” for the 2021 holiday season. This limited edition, brick and mortar exclusive contains all three “Year of the Zodiac” releases from 2019, 2020 and 2021. Punch Bento Box will ship in October and contains a total of 42 cigars, including 20 of the 2019’s “Egg Roll,” 12 “Chop Suey” from 2020, and 10 “Kung Pow!” from this year. All cigars come in their original sizes and blends. Also included is a custom-made cigar rest, created exclusively for the Bento Box. MSRP for this set is $205.58.

Just like a true Bento Box that hits all of the major food groups in one package, our version brings together all of our Zodiac releases in one creative and great looking box. Each of our Zodiac releases were fast sell-outs at retail, due to their fantastic blends and incredible value. Bento Box is being released in a very limited quantity, so they’re sure to be gone in a flash from cigar shops.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager for Punch cigars

Punch Egg Roll (4.5” x 50) A Colombian, Mexican, American and Dominican blend meet an Ecuadoran Sumatra binder and Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper to create a satisfying smoke that’s earthly and dimensional. Handcrafted at HATSA in Danli, Honduras, Punch Egg Roll has an MSRP per cigar of $3.99.

Punch Chop Suey Punch (7” x 37) Punch Chop Suey is made with a Nicaraguan and Dominican blend and has a Nicaraguan binder with an Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. The shaggy foot smoke has notes of leather, earth and earth and an MSRP of $5.49 per cigar. Chop Suey is handmade at the HATSA cigar factory.

Punch Kung Pow! (6” x 52) has a five-country blend and is also handmade at the HATSA cigar factory. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper sits over a Honduran Habano binder and the blend features long filler leaves from Brazil, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Kung Pow! is a vaguely sweet smoke with an undercurrent of spice. MSRP per cigar $5.99.