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The 22 is a limited edition cigar that was originally released in 2002 and re-released in 2018 for the 30th anniversary of the brand. The original 22 was meant to celebrate that Uvezian was born in the 22nd day of March.

Like the original, the blend uses an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper, Dominican binder, and four  Dominican fillers. This time, the packagingcomes in a canister of 19 and come with bands. They have the band and a special 30th anniversary band.

Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Length: 5 7/8
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Perfecto


This cigar looks amazing. Light creamed coffee colored wrapper, wrapper looks very nice. Seams are tight and hard to see. Only two veins that run the length of the cigar. Cigar is a perfecto and i had guessed the ring gauge at 42-45 after some research found it to be a 50. Cold draw is full of plum and leaves a little warmth on the lips. The cigar feels very light in the hand. The aroma is that of a musty barn.

First Third

Wow, spice heavy profile very reminiscent of snicker doodle with quite a bit extra ginger. The cinnamon and sweetness is on the finish but ginger and black pepper in the front so its a little backwards but it is good. Draw is great, burn is questionable we will see how it does over the next two thirds.

Second Third

The spice does hang around for quite sometime after the draw. It doesn’t take very long for things to start getting more and more sweet. Spice begins to take a back seat on this ride, still a big part of the finish though. Strength is around light medium, this stick would pair wonderfully with Glennorangie 12. Some citrus is crowding its way in. Strength is dialing back some and the profile is marrying more, becoming less complex.

Quick Cigar Review: Avo | 22 30 yearsFinal Third

Staying pretty consistent with the cinnamon ginger black pepper citrus. Strength is floating in between medium and light medium. Burn ended up performing very well. Puts out huge clouds of smoke full of flavor. The last of the cigar becomes more leathery.

Overall Thoughts

This was a truly wonderful experience. This cigar is box worthy several times over. Construction was nearly perfect as well as draw and burn. I really feel if it was closer to full i would have been more happy but that is simply a personal problem between me and the cigar. All personal problems aside, go buy and smoke this cigar.

Total Score - Excellent

-Ryan H. (Ryan H.)

Quick Cigar Review: | 22 30 Years