Quick Cigar Review: Drew Estate | Liga Privada Aniversário RobustoCigar Info

Almost nothing is known about the Quick Cigar Review: | except that they were released stealthily before the August 8th 2016 FDA cigar deadline. There are only a handful of boxes in the wild currently as they have not been officially released, only selling enough to say the were on the market before that FDA Deadline. The only blend information available is that the wrapper is a sun-grown habano. It is fairly dark for a habano wrapper, but not the darkest I have seen.

The box is black and comes with 24 cigars. The sizes available in the blend will be drawn from others in the Unico line. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the No. 9.

Quick Cigar Review: Drew Estate | Liga Privada Aniversário Robusto


This habano wrapper has a nice sheen to it with only one visible vein and great seam work. The wrapper smells of aged tobacco, like when you walk into an aging room at a factory. The foot is just a bit sweeter with a hint of must. Pre-light draw has even more of that aged tobacco taste.

First Third

The first puff is surprisingly mild, almost no pepper, but lots of aged tobacco and wood flavor. A warm cashew flavor joins the mix partway through this third along with some mild spices like allspice, still almost no pepper. The smoke is plentiful, but not like I’m used to on Liga Privadas. This third finishes out with a combination of leather and citrus.

Second Third

The leather and citrus carries over from the first third now. Things are getting a bit dryer as the citrus fades. The leather is still strong and no pepper. Citrus is replaced by a dark espresso flavor.

Final Third

The leather and coffee continue, with the addition of some cedar again. The flavors from the first thirds have come around full circle for one final finale. Burn and construction were both perfect. The cigar finishes with some subtle baking spices along with the cedar.

Overall Thoughts

To be honest this cigar reminded me a lot of the All Out Kings, which is made at using the same Habano wrapper as T-52. It is very much like a mild version of the T-52. The final third was just a bit sour, but not a huge turnoff and I think this will improve with time. I really enjoyed this smoke and it is quite a departure from previous releases in its strength, yet it retains the complexity. I am curious to see how these age, definitely get a hold of some of these if you can.

Total Score - Great