Quick Cigar Review: A. Flores | 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano

Cigar Info

The A. Flores 1975 Edicion Especial comes in a natural Habano Ecuador or a maduro Habano Ecuador. The binder and filler tobacco are a combination of Nicaraguan Habano with Dominican Corojo. Only the very best tobacco was used in these blends and rolled with the highest level of quality control. The A. Flores Serie Privada cigars are box pressed and available in boxes of 20. Wrapper: Ecuador; Binder: Nicaragua; Filler:Nicaragua, Dominican Republic; Country of Origin: Dominican Republic; Ring Gauge: 52; Length: 5; Vitola: Robusto; Price: $9.75.


Great box press on on this wonderful sandy brown wrapper. Cigar seems a bit dry but not under hydrated. Triple cap seem that is applied sloppy. Very formal band that very catching to the eye with it’s deep red and gold lettering. Cold draw shows a perfect resistance and has a wonderful cedar tastes accompanied by sweet salty notes. Cigar smell is that of a musty book that has been resting on a historic library shelf (very enjoyable!).

Quick Cigar Review: A. Flores | 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano

Quick Cigar Review: A. Flores |

First Third

The smallest effortless draw produces loads of creamy white smoke. Cigar opens bold with a meaty pepperyness but quickly pulls back to highlight rich cedar, woody tasting notes. Aroma is a creamy, marshmallow texture. Burn is a bit wavy and ash is a mixed gray and white. Cigar had to be touched-up twice during the first third.

Second Third

Cigar took on a meaty earthy quality with tastes of dark roasted coffee beans. Draw is still effortless and burn continues to be wavy. Cigar is medium to full bodied in strength. As cigar transitioned into the final third a peppery note was noted on my palate accompanied by a rich tobacco aroma.

Quick Cigar Review: A. Flores | 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano

Final Third

Cigar continued to be meaty with no distinct changes in the tasting profile. Cedar/wood, coffee, and pepper continue to control my palate, however, near the finish a creamy vanilla started be pronounced. Burn remained wavy and aroma still very enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Overall this was a very enjoyable cigar. I understand why it has been placed high on many cigar Top 25 lists. Cigar had an impeccable draw accompanied by wonderful woody, cedary, creamy tasting notes with a med/full body to back it up. Minus a few aesthetic flaws and burn issues the cigar is truly a . I will certainly be buying more to see what a little age does for these cigars.

-Kyle L. (kaleehb)

Total Score - Great