Quick Cigar Review: Jas Sum Kral | Zlatno Sonce Toro

Cigar Info

Riste Riatevski’s (JSK) brand is shipping its second and third blends to select retailers. The company has announced the Crna Nok and | Zlatno Sonce, which are JSK’s Broadleaf and Ecuadorian blends are heading to shops in Indiana, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia.

This cigar was not reviewed blind like most of our reviews. For these "Quick Reviews" it is simply one reviewer's opinion on one cigar. They knew what they were smoking and gave a score based on personal opinion.

Crna Nok has a Broadleaf wrapper, Mexican binder, and Nicaraguan fillers while the Zlatno Sonce consists of an Ecuadorian Shade wrapper, an undisclosed binder, and fillers consisting of ligeros and corojo.

The company said both cigars will be available in a Robusto (5 x 50) and Toro (6 x 52) format – each available in 20 count boxes.

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This a beautiful cigar with a light brown wrapper like the color of a salted peanut. It had no blemishes whatsoever. Firmly packed, but not overstuffed. On the pre light I got bread, Cinnamon and some pepper on the body. On the foot I get mostly bread. On the cold draw I only tasted Cinnamon.

Quick Cigar Review: Jas Sum Kral | Zlatno Sonce ToroFirst Third

Right out the gate this is a smooth smoke with plenty of smoke output. On the first few puffs I taste cream, butter, and bread. As I get more into the third some spice shows up but not a lot, just enough to let you know this is not your typical . On the retrohale I detect raisins.

Blind Man's Puff - Cigar Reviews, Ratings, News, Tips, Tricks

Second Third

Lots of cream now with a bit of pepper on the finish. The Ash started getting flaky, but still held on. (see photo)…as I mentioned before, beautiful construction. I started getting some salt on my lips & tongue halfway through the second. The spice started to ramp up close to the end of the second during the retro, but was mixed with peanuts on the finish which coated my palate with a slickness.
Had to touch up the cigar before I tapped the ash, so I didn’t end up wearing it.

Final Third

The spice has once again picked up and is starting to overpower the cigar. A sweetness is forming on my lips that I can quite pinpoint.

Blind Man's Puff - Cigar Reviews, Ratings, News, Tips, Tricks
Blind Man's Puff - Cigar Reviews, Ratings, News, Tips, Tricks

Overall impressions

This was an excellent cigar. It was a , which I usually don’t gravitate towards, but as I said before, this is not your typical . There is TONS of flavor and many transitions to keep your attention. The cigar was very smooth, and could be enjoyed anytime of the day not just with your coffee or as your 1st smoke of the day, but I will recommend you smoke it on a fresh palate in order to taste all the flavors this stick throws at you. My hat’s off to Riste on making a wonderful smoke.

Total Score - Great

-Mickey T. (irratebass)

Quick Cigar Review: | Zlatno Sonce Toro