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The line was the company’s first blend back in May of 2014. Earlier this year, added a the | . a shape to the lineup. This version of the is aged longer than the others at 14 months.

Quick Cigar Review: Mbombay | Classic TorpedoThe blend itself has an Ecuadorian wrapper, Ecuadorian binder, and filler from Peru, Dominican Republic & Nicaragua. The vitola measure 6.00 x 52 and cost $11.95. It was originally only offered in a new sampler pack but was announced in May that it would be a regular production size in August.

Quick Cigar Review: Mbombay | Classic TorpedoPre-light

This is a very appealing looking . The wrapper is smooth to the touch and expertly applied. There are virtually no blemishes and just a few veins visible. The wrapper smells of musty earth and aged tobacco. Pre-light draw is also must earth with a hint of wood.

First Third

The first few puffs are just wrapper, as with all closed foot cigars. The wrapper tastes pretty much like it smelled, a little heavier on the cedar. Once we get into the filler, things become pretty flavorful. I get lots of baking spices and coffee, no pepper. This is a nice mild third, but full of flavor.

Second Third

The second third picks up a little in the pepper department, but not a lot, just enough to add something extra. The coffee is replaced with a creamy flavor and the cedar is still around. The burn and draw are just about perfecto.

Final Third

The cigar finishes out with more of a vegetal flavor still mixed with baking spices and creamy flavor. There is still come pepper around, but I would still call this a mild cigar. It finishes out creamy and with cedar.

Overall Impressions

This is a very good entry cigar into the portfolio. There is a lot of flavor but not a lot of spice making it a good morning cigar. There was enough transition with the addition of some pepper to keep it interesting. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys milder cigars or an intro into the brand.

Total Score - Very Good

-Emmett (BMP_Emmett)

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