Selected Tobacco to Release Extra Aged Atabey at PCA - Cigar News

Selected Tobacco to Release Extra Aged Atabey at PCA – Cigar News

Selected Tobacco will be bringing an extra aged version of their Atabey cigar to the PCA 2023 trade show. This comes in the form of the Limited Edition 10-Year, Extra Aged Atabey Dioses.

As the Goddess of the Taino Indians, Atabey is rich in history. It was the Taino Indians who first smoked a primitive form of what is known today as a cigar while praying to their Goddess Atabey. This spiritual ceremony was known as the Cohiba and the tribe communication to Atabey was communicated through their spiritual guide, the Behike.

Normally, the Atabey line is aged for five years in multi-cedar lined humidors, where humidity is reduced and raised to help the cigars breathe in the different cedar notes and cleanse itself in Nelson’s version of a spiritual ceremony. Now, we will see what an additional five years of aging does to an Atabey Dioses.

Like a Chef’s sauce reduction, the same has happened here. Cigars have a tendency to mellow with the additional aging, but the signature Atabey flavor notes have intensified on the Dioses while going through the Selected Tobacco aging process unique to the industry.

Oliver Nivaud, Director of Operations

Normally in the world of cigars & spirits, one would expect to pay more for this additional aging process. For this first batch of 10-Year Extra Aged, consumers will pay the same MSRP as the traditional 5 year aged Atabey Dioses. Only 370 boxes of 25 cigars are available of the Atabey Dioses, and they will be presented in the same dress boxes as the traditional Atabey line with the addition of a 10-Year aged sticker on the inside of the box, and outer carton signifying the extra aging time.

Atabey Dioses 10 Year Extra Aged

  • Origin: Costa Rican
  • Vitola: 8 x 50
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder: Undisclosed
  • Filler: Undisclosed & Peruvian Ligero
  • MSRP: $36.00 per cigar
  • Production: 370 boxes of 25/9,250 Cigars

Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra Aged will be sold to retailers at this year at PCA 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada and will ship with orders placed at the convention.