Southern Draw Announces Evening Primrose - Cigar News

Southern Draw Announces Evening Primrose – Cigar News

Cigars has announced a brand new line: . This new addition will sport a maduro wrapper and be a regular production cigar. The blend uses a cocoa colored Mexican San Andrés wrapper, Sumatra 7th priming leaf from Ecuador for a binder, and the filler blend consists of 50% Honduras, 25% Nicaragua, 25% Ligero USA.

The company offered this description of the name and premise: The primrose is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and its name comes from the Latin word ‘primus', which most know means ‘first'. Although it's an early season bloomer, it has a distinct habit of only revealing its flowers in the evening, and then remains open until early the following day. Our inspiration was derived from the Oenothera pallida or pale with its satiny white flowers that leave visiting insects with a dust of lemon-yellow pollen on their bodies. The Boss Lady cultivates her garden as a haven to bees, moths, and butterflies to collect pollen and now, she can observe them working every evening, with our perfectly ripe, new blend in hand.

Through our AJF partnership we have continually achieved our lofty goal of consistency for each hand made cigar, blessed with exponential growth, our second goal of sustainability is now a key metric that demands extreme accuracy in planning and forecasting. We can currently produce approximately 1M cigars annually in the Rose of Sharon and Jacobs Ladder lines and we reached that plateau in 2021 and again in 2022, with that milestone comes the necessity of releasing the bookend MORNING GLORY and blends!

Robert Holt
Southern Draw Announces Evening Primrose - Cigar News

The cigar will be available at Cigars International exclusively before being released nationally. The two sizes released there are considered test sizes, and will not be a part of the larger release. The two sizes offered will be a 6.5×46 Lonsdale and 6.75×52 Perfecto in a box pressed format which is included in the 12,000, Create-Your-Own CIGARfest – 64 Cigar – Deluxe Cigar Package, being sold at each of their retail superstores between September 24th and October 29th, 2022, including seven events highlighting the SDC brand. The regular production cigars will come in three sizes three sizes: Rothschild 4.75×50, Short Churchill 6.5×48 and Diadema 6.75×52. MSRP on all the cigars will go from $13.49 – $14.99. Though it is a regular production blend, production will be limited to 180,000 cigars per year in each size. Southen draw expected to ship the regular production sizes in the first quarter of 2023.

All sizes of are box pressed and packaged in 10 count boxes to their Morning Glory cigar. The Satin White color scheme of the boxes and multi-color cigar bands were chosen by Sharon Holt to reflect the refinement of the pale blossoms as they reach for the light of the moon.