STG Announces Holiday Releases from CAO, Punch, Diesel, & El Rey del Mundo - Cigar News

STG Announces Holiday Releases from CAO, Punch, Diesel, & El Rey del Mundo – Cigar News

, parent company of General Cigar and Cigars International, has announced a slew of holiday items for the 2022 season. Releases include a advent calendars, Sideshow, and special 4 packs from and El Rey del Mundo.

CAO 12 Days Box

is getting into the season with an advent calendar-inspired box that's filled with an assortment of the brands blends.

New for 2022, the “12 Days” box follows the modern advent calendar format where a unique gift is hidden behind a door to be opened consecutively for a series of days leading up to the holidays.

fans who purchase the 12-cigar box will receive a dozen -sized smokes, each representing the brand's top selling collections.

For a suggested retail price of $108.08, the twelve pack contains one each of the following smokes: MX2 (6” x 54); Italia Gondola (6.25” x 54); Brazilia Samba (6.25“ x 54); American Monument (6.25” x 54); Steel Horse Bullneck (6.5” x 52); Flathead Camshaft (5.5” x 54); Colombia Magdalena (6.25 “ x 52); Pilon (6.25” x 54); Session Garage (5.25” x 54); Bones Blind Hughie (6” x 54); Zocalo (6.25” x 54); BX3 (6” x 54).

The 12 Days box will ship to retailers this week and will be in select stores starting on or about October 17.

Diesel Sideshow

is launching its “Sideshow” release for early holiday shopping. The limited-edition sampler features strange and unique looking vitolas made with the same blends as their regular counterparts.

Sideshow takes the full-bodied Unlimited blend through a veritable funhouse and gives the cigar lover a glimpse of what happens when the expert rollers of Tabacelera AJ Fernandez have free reign to sculpt tobacco into smokeable artforms.

The seven-smoke sampler includes one each of the following cigars which will only be available as part of this year's Sideshow release: Frog Boy (4.5” x 60); Pin Head (5” x 54); Two-Headed Nightingale (6” x 60); Bearded Lady (6” x 46); Elephant Man (6” x 52); Bohemian Twins (7” x 38) and Strong Man (7” x 58).

Only 1,000 boxes have been made. The Sideshow ships on October 18 and will sell for $99.99. Sideshow is released annually as a special, limited production holiday offering.

Unlimited is made with an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper, a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and a blend of Nicaraguan Condega and Estelí tobaccos.

STG Announces Holiday Releases from CAO, Punch, Diesel, & El Rey del Mundo - Cigar News

El Rey Del Mundo Holiday Four Pack

El Rey del Mundo is now shipping a four pack and cutter combo that's making its way to retailers as the holiday season inches closer. The limited-edition release features full-bodied, large format smokes and is crafted at the esteemed HATSA factory in Danli, .

The pack features El Rey de Mundo's best-selling sizes: Ronco Oscuro (6” x 60); Larga Oscuro (6” x 54); Supremo Oscuro (7.25” x 54), and Oscuro (5” x 54) and a branded guillotine cutter inside the pack.

The limited edition El Rey del Mundo holiday pack will sell for a suggested retail price of $25.00 and is being distributed by Forged Cigar Company.

Punch Limited Edition Four Pack with Cutter

Lastly, is launching the nice gift for any cigar smoker: a four pack of smokes that hits a wide range of strengths, sizes and profiles, including the original Honduran brand.

The four pack includes one each of Clasico EMS Grandote (5.875” x 60); Signature
(5” x 54); Deluxe Maduro Chateau “L” (7.25 x 54), and Knuckle Buster Habano
(6” x 50), along with a branded cutter in 's signature blue.

This item will be released in limited quantity and has begun shipping. The suggested retail price per four-pack including the cutter is $29.99.

cigars are made at the HATSA factory in Danli, .