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Blind Cigar Review: Battleground | General Longstreet Score 93%

Blind Cigar Review: Battleground | General Longstreet

“Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, you shouldn’t judge this cigar by it’s wrapper. Looking at this cigar and one might say words like ugly, rough looking, and poorly made but that is far from true. The burn, the favors, and performance of this cigar punch above it’s weight class. The extra tobacco in the center of this cigar caused it to lose the intensity and body that I loved in the first third. While the weird mishmash of flavors, in the final third, had me conflicted but in the end the cigar made me go and grab my nub tool and smoke it till I was burning my lips. This is a cigar that I would reach for again and again. If it had an option for a smaller ring gauge size and it would be a box buy. Well done!” -Estevan Z. (TheRealBanzi)

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Cigar News: Battleground Cigars Announces Darby Cigar

Battleground Cigars announced the limited release of their new Darby cigar, a collaboration with former members of the 75th Ranger Regiment. The Battleground Maduro Honduran wrapper is infused for 90 days using Leadslingers Whiskey, a company owned and operated by Veterans of the 75th Ranger Regiment. This is the ONLY ARMY RANGER cigar on the market!

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