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Tag: Omar de Frias

Cigar News: Fratello Announces Arlequin Prensado

Fratello Cigars has announced a new cigar today, the Fratello Arlequin Prensado. A preview was given for this blend in June 2019 with the Space Fresh Packs along with Sorella and Arlequin,  Fratello Classico, and Fratello Bianco II all in a new 6 x 50 format. The idea was that consumers would give feedback and tell the company their preference for either the Sorella or Arlequin.

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Blind Cigar Review: Fratello | Navetta Discovery Score 90%

Blind Cigar Review: Fratello | Navetta Discovery

“There is only one word to describe this cigar, phenomenal. Flavors were on point, construction was nearly flawless and it made the time spent smoking it memorable. I would recommend this cigar to anyone that loves a deep, dark, flavorful cigar. Hands down, this cigar is a Box buy and I can’t wait to find out what it is so I could do just THAT!” -Estevan Z. (TheRealBanzi)

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Cigar News: Fratello Announces Esclusivo Connecticut

Omar de Frias announced today a new cigar exclusive to Old Virginia Tobacco (OVTC), Fratello Esclusivo Connecticut. Last year, Old Virginia Tobacco and Fratello launched the Esclusivo, which was a 5 x 52 piramide using a Habano Nicaragua wrapper. The new blend uses an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaragua and Dominican fillers. Esclusivo Connecticut comes in one vitola, a 6 x 52 parejo. Only 300 boxes of 20 were made. Esclusivo Connecticut will sell at all 7 stores of the Northern Virginia chain.

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Cigar News: Fratello DMV Returning December

Fratello Cigars has announced the return of its popular regional cigars: DMV. This series was create as tribute to the region where the company started. DMV stands for District (Washington DC), Maryland and Virgina but also includes Delaware. As with last years release, each region gets their own special size. But, this year, each blend will be different.

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Cigar News: Fratello Announces Navetta Inverso Boxer

Omar de Frias announced today its latest blend, Navetta Inverso Boxer. This is the third line in the Navetta series. The first was the original Navetta, which translates to shuttle in Spanish, in 2017. It used an oscuro wrapper. Next came the Navettal Inverso, which used the same tobaccos, but in reverse order, so the tobacco previously used for the wrapper and binder were now the filler, and the filler were now the binder and wrapper. Now the Navetta Inverso Boxer is that blend tweaked a bit a made in their signature 6 ¼ x 52 Box Press Torpedo. It carries an MSRP of $13.00 per cigar. It will be shown off at this years IPCPR convention.

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