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Tag: Puro

Cigar News: Camacho Coyolar Returns

Camacho Cigars will reintroduce the Coyolar.  The Coyolar is built around tobaccos from the volcanic soils of a small farm at the base of the mountains immediately bordering Nicaragua and Honduras.  This mineral-rich soil imparts a unique color, texture, and flavor intensity to the tobacco.  The Coyolar is a Honduran Puro and one of Camacho’s most respected cigar blends.

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Quick Cigar Review: Enki Toro

The cigar performed very well. The flavors in the first two thirds were very good with a slight drop off in the final third with some bitterness creeping in. That bitterness went away, but it still was a drop off compared to the previous thirds. I would be interested to see if the flavors in the final third improve with a little more rest. I have another sample which I will wait on for a little bit and revisit. Overall, with the good draw, burn and the predominantly good flavors, this is definitely a cigar I would smoke again.

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