Cigar News: Camacho Coyolar Returns

Cigars will reintroduce the .  The is built around tobaccos from the volcanic soils of a small farm at the base of the mountains immediately bordering Nicaragua and .  This mineral-rich soil imparts a unique color, texture, and flavor intensity to the tobacco.  The is a Honduran and one of ’s most respected cigar blends.

Cigar News: Camacho Coyolar Returns

Cigar News: Returns

Related to the original , the blend and vitolas for this re-release are the same.  The difference comes in the way of the distinctive branding that makes Cigars jump off the shelf at your local brick & mortar shop.  The new look for the starts with revamped black bands, outfitting the cigars that are packaged in bold 25-count grey and black boxes featuring a beautifully distinct design of the aforementioned mountains.

“After several years of requests, there was no better time than now to bring back the original . We stepped outside our traditional Honduran farms to revisit the special 15-acre plot of land where was first born. The exclusive Criollo tobaccos harvested from this area give ’s ‘Single Farm Vintage’ blend its legendary intensity and bold character.” said Scott Kolesaire, Director of Marketing at of Geneva USA.

The will start to ship the week of April 23, 2018 and only in the United States.  The are produced at Diadema Cigars, the new Oettinger facility, near Danli, .  Each vitola in the line will be packaged in 25-count boxes.

Cigar News: Camacho Coyolar Returns

Blend Information:

Available Vitolas: 

  • Perfecto No. 1 – 4.25 x 50 – $8.50/Cigar
  • Rothschild – 4.25 x 50 – $8.50/Cigar
  • Super Toro – 6 x 52 – $9.00/Cigar
  • Titan – 6 x 60 – $10.00/Cigar
  • Figurado – 6.125 x 54 – $9.50/Cigar