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Cigar News: White Hat Soneros to Ship in April 2018

If you tried the Soneros cigar in the past and enjoyed it, you may have been wondering what on earth happened to it.  Well fear not, because White Hat Cigars have been working to get that cigar back on store shelves.  That will be a reality in April of 2018.  Soneros will be available with a maduro or claro wrapper.  The cigars are already available for pre-order by retailer

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Blind Cigar Review: Cubanacan | Soneros Habano Maduro Toro

“I really enjoyed this cigar, and I could tell this is a super-premium. I think these have a lot of aging potential if some of the spice would lessen over time and let more of those leather and woody flavors come through, and maybe more. It did get a little hot in the final third, and I would have liked a little more complexity, but I think time will be good to it. Highly recommend.” -Emmett (rhetorik)

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Blind Cigar Review: Cubanacan | Soneros Habano Claro Toro

“Overall, this was a real nice cigar. I really liked the balance of the natural tobacco and cocoa flavors as both had a nice synergy throughout the cigar. The medium to full strength and body of this cigar really worked well with this flavor profile. This is definitely a cigar I would smoke again – and it’s certainly worthy of a box split.” -Will (Cigar-Coop)

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