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Blind Man's Puff - Cigar Reviews, Ratings, News, Tips, Tricks
Blind Man's Puff - Cigar Reviews, Ratings, News, Tips, Tricks

Quick Cigar Review: AKA Hybrid Corona GordaThe has a five-year aged wrapper comprised of a special crossbred Cameroon and Cuban Seed Corojo developed by Julio Eiroa. The binder is a four year aged Dominican Ligero, from the Kelner Family who supplies Davidoff Tobaccos, that encloses a blend of four and five year aged Dominican Piloto Cubano and Honduran tobaccos from the Kelner and Eiroa Families. The is rolled at the Camacho/Davidoff factory in Danli Honduras.

This cigar was not reviewed blind like most of our reviews. For these "Quick Reviews" it is simply one reviewer's opinion on one cigar. They knew what they were smoking and gave a score based on personal opinion.

Quick Cigar Review: AKA Hybrid Corona GordaThe wrapper exhibits rich notes of oak, caramel, molasses, leather, and cocoa beans. The cold draw has a distinctive caramel flavor (reminiscent of certain Dominican tobaccos) that’s backed by some fresh wood notes; finishes spicy, with white and black pepper notes.

Starts off full-bodied and with medium-full strength, exhibiting a bitterish leitmotif, of green stems, licorice, and espresso. The first half of this third experiences some serious, 45 degree angle canoeing, after which the first ashing occurs; the flavor profile then drops some of the initial harshness while introducing black pepper notes, particularly on the retrohale. Toward the end of the first third a sour component enters the picture, backed by a hint of caramel on the palate and by some spice on the finish.

Blind Man's Puff - Cigar Reviews, Ratings, News, Tips, Tricks

The second third is marked by flavors of cocoa beans and a hint of maltiness, with a good dollop of green leaf-like tannins enveloping the palate as Lady Nic. takes center stage. Then, around the midpoint, the earlier bitter notes of coffee and licorice reemerge.

The last third is of medium+ strength, with notes of wood barrels complete with an oak tannin-like impression on the palate which finishes dry, akin to drinking a bottle of medium-bodied Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Construction was mostly fine, with good draw through a full cut and a mostly even burn with occasional canoeing and short ashes; it seemed to be a bit tightly rolled as it went out on me four times when left unattended. Lasted me for about 90 minutes. 88 Corona Gorda (6 x 44)

Total Score - Good

-Stefan (Stefan)


Quick Cigar Review: Corona Gorda