Accessory Review: Tommy Bahama | Overnighter Travel Case

Accessory Review: Tommy Bahama | Overnighter Travel Case

Accessory Review: Tommy Bahama | Overnighter Travel CaseLast year, (Island Lifestyle Importers) showed up at IPCPR with a booth to show off their new line of cigar accessories. Recently, they announced some additional accessories that would be on display at the 2017 IPCPR show. Today we will be reviewing the  | .

Description from company, “On weekends away or overnights to the coast, this leather travel case has everything you need to transport your cigars in safety and style. An interior leather strap secures up to four cigars with ease. Remove the tray for additional storage. Also included is a single jet flame lighter with a built-in and a stainless-steel cutter. A zipper closure keeps everything secure. Our ® logo is debossed on the outside.”

The Details

The case measures 7.75″ x 4.75″ x 2.5″ and is made of handcrafted brown leather. To get inside the case, you do so via the large leather zipper tab for easy opening and closing. The interior has two stitched leather pouches with snaps located in the lid for convenient lighter and cutter storage. The removable cedar wood tray holds four cigars. For your $128 MSRP, it also comes with a cigar cutter made of brushed stainless steel and a “Precision-Cut” cutter with double surgical steel blades. Both have the etched Marlin icon.

Accessory Review: Tommy Bahama | Overnighter Travel CaseAppearance

The first thing you notice about this case is its visual appeal and quality. It is made of a very high grade leather with an extra strap of leather covering the outside with “” etched into it. This thing is classy, and a conversation starter.  Everything about the case feels solid, from the leather itself, to the zipper, to the cedar trays and accessory holder. For what it's worth, the cedar tray is removable, although I'm not sure why you would want to unless you had multiple laying in another humidor for easy swap.

Accessory Review: Tommy Bahama | Overnighter Travel CaseFunction

Functionally, it is very good. It keeps your cigars safe during a short travel while looking class and awesome. The included accessories turned out to be very good as well. The lighter is a single flame that lights very consistently and also has a built in. The cutter is a standard perfect cut with only one side open making it almost impossible to cut off too much cap. The blades are very sharp and the cutter feels solid too.

My only complaints about this case, and they are minor, are that with the zipper design, it's not as air tight as some other case designs. I might not use it for storing more than a day or two. I kept my 8 gram 65% boveda in it for two days and it registered a 55% the whole time, which is great if you are going to smoke very soon.

The only other minor thing is that the velcro strap that holds down the cigars to the tray is a little tall, so it doesn't come all the way down snug to the cigar. So if you jostle it around, the cigars are going to move inside. I solved this easily by just sticking a little piece of foam between it from another case, but you could use a variety of packing materials if you plan on putting this in a suit case or rolling around a bag. The other solution that solves both issues is to put a 60 gram boveda under the tray, raising the level and providing ample humidification for long trips.

Accessory Review: Tommy Bahama | Overnighter Travel CaseOverall

Overall this case is wonderful. It exceeded my expectations in aesthetics and performed well functionally. This case is perfect for taking to the beach or your local cigar bar, and people will ask you about it. Given it's price tag, this may not be for everyone, but with it's quality, great appearance and accessories included, it's worth it to me.


Verdict: Great