ACE Prime Announces Fiat Lux for PCA 2021 - Cigar News

ACE Prime Announces Fiat Lux for PCA 2021 – Cigar News

ACE Prime has announced a new cigar in the Luciano line to be shown off at the PCA 2021 Trade Show. This is the first regular production cigar in the Luciano line and follows the limited production Dreamer and Traveler. This new iteration comes in 4 sizes. “Fiat Lux” is a Latin expression used during the intellectual movement of the Enlightenment and represents the search for knowledge and meaning. The company says “Fiat Lux itself is a blend that generates deliberation. The construction of the cigar provokes an inevitable exploration of flavors as it ignites the taste buds for the sake of discovery. Enlightenment is a natural, mindful consequence of its physical attributes.”

Consumers have gotten to know Luciano through the wildly popular Traveler and Dreamer lines. I am very excited to introduce people to Luciano’s first full core line. I believe this blend will blow people away.

Miguel Schoedel – Crowned Heads National Sales Manager

Fiat Lux comes in four sizes: Acumen 6 x 56 $ 10.75, Geniuses 5 1/2 x 52 $ 10.00, Intuitions 5 x 50 $ 9.50, and Insights 5 5/8 x 46 $ 8.75. The blend for this new cigar differs from the original blend. This new version retains the Sumatra wrapper, but lacks the pelo do oro from the original. Fiat Lux comes in boxes of 20.

In my 30+ years blending and smoking cigars I’ve never experienced a cigar that actually cleans your palate while delivering so much flavor. Every draw is a journey. I’ve been smoking Fiat Lux lately to increase my awareness and appreciation for other blends. It truly elevates your knowledge and certainly translates the essence of my business partner Luciano. After the Traveler and Dreamer I wasn’t sure what he would blend, but Fiat Lux exceeded all expectations and set a new standard!”

Eradio Pichardo, owner and Co-Founder of Ace Prime – Tabacalera Pichardo