Alec Bradley Adds 7 x 70 to Project 40 & Project 40 Maduro - Cigar News

Alec Bradley Adds 7 x 70 to Project 40 & Project 40 Maduro – Cigar News

Cigar Co. is adding a new size to two blends in their . Both the and Maduro are getting a new 7 x 70 size called, 07.70. They will come in 24-count, futuristic white boxes with their respective line designations. These new sizes will officially debut at the (Premium Cigar Association) Trade Show July 8-12 at the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

We listened to the needs of our brand advocates and found it was the right time to add 7″ X 70 ring-gauge cigars to both lines. When we first launched the , I promised the right cigar, with the right blend, at the right price. That statement still stands for these new iterations.

Founder, Rubin

hit the market in 2019 and made waves among reviewers as being an excellent value. We rated it a 92 in our blind tests, impressive for a sub $6 cigar. The Maduro came out in 2020, and was still generally well received, but didn't make the splash of the original. We rated that one an 87. The new sizes will run $8.85 per cigar for the 07.70, and $9.50 for the Maduro 07.70.

The secondary moniker: “” is attributed to Rubin's quest to blend under-utilized Brazilian tobacco in a meaningful way. He found that using it as the binder in the blends was best for creating a unique and flavorful cigar experience.

Both and Maduro 07.70 use the same blend as the other sizes in the line. For the 07.70, this includes a Nicaraguan wrapper, Brazilian binder, and Nicaraguan fillers. For the Maduro 07.70 it uses a San Andres wrapper, Brazilian binder, and Nicaraguan fillers.

and Maduro 07.70 are being rolled in Nicaragua, and will debut, alongside the recently announced third line release in the : Double Broadleaf, at the Trade Show. The new sizes should ship August, 2022.