Alec Bradley Brings Back Trilogy Cigars - Cigar News

Alec Bradley Brings Back Trilogy Cigars – Cigar News

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. has announced that they bringing back their proprietary triangular shaped Trilogy line of cigars in very limited quantities. Alan Rubin came up with the idea for Trilogy during a fishing trip with some other cigar manufacturers. The topic of cigar shapes came up and one of the others told Rubin that he just cannot come out with another round cigar. Rubin took the statement to heart and started brainstorming until he made his way to a South Florida Home Depot, where he created the triangular mold.

Alec Bradley Brings Back Trilogy Cigars - Cigar News

The Alec Bradley Trilogy series came out in 2002 and in three blends: Authentic Corojo, Exotic Maduro and Native Cameroon. Trilogy remained on the market for many years, but was eventually discontinued as demand faltered with other newer product coming to the market.

Many many years later, in November of 2019, Smoke Inn tobacconist and radio personality, Abe Dababneh convinced Rubin to reintroduce Trilogy while on the air. As such, Smoke Inn will be the first to get the new production Trilogy cigars. This first released will be limited to 300 Limited Edition samplers featuring eighteen Robusto (5″ X 50 Ring Gauge) sized cigars: 6-Authentic Corojo, 6-Exotic Maduro, 6-Native Cameroon. The Trilogy samplers will retail for $161.53 and will go on sale August 12, 2021 at Smoke Inn stores and website ( during an online live- streaming Alec Bradley event hosted by Dababneh and featuring Alan Rubin, Alec Rubin and Bradley Rubin.

This project was spearheaded by second generation cigarmaker and Alan Rubin’s son, Bradley Rubin.

When I started in 2017. I was asking about bringing Trilogy back and 4 years later, Alan finally said yes! Trilogy is a line that helped build the Alec Bradley brand; now our advocates, old and new, get to smoke a piece of AB history.

Bradley Rubin

All three Trilogy blends were made mirror the original flavor profiles and all three share the same Honduran Connecticut seed binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. Exotic Maduro features a Maduro wrapper from Jalapa, Nicaragua, Authentic Corojo features a Corojo wrapper from Jamastran, Honduras and Native Cameroon features a true Cameroon wrapper from the central African nation of the same name.

After the initial sampler release, Alec Bradley plans to come out with boxes of 10 in each blend in a 6 x 52 Toro. These boxes will be limited to 1000 each blend and offered to US tobacconists later this year. Pricing, offering date and delivery date have not yet been announced. The company has said that the Trilogy Toro may be a one-time only release.