Altadis Announces Romeo y Julieta Envy - Cigar News

Altadis Announces Romeo y Julieta Envy – Cigar News

Altadis U.S.A. has announced a new cigar in the brand: . The theme of this cigar is “The eye ” an ancient symbol that is supposed to keep bad energy away. The symbol is also included on the cigar band making the cigar your own personal .

The cigar is rolled at the Plasencia factory with all Nicaraguan tobacco. wil ship in December and cost $17.50 per stick. It comes in one size, a 6 x 55 size, called , and in boxes of 11.

The quite inside the box reads: “Love has its shadows. It can inspire . Capturing what triggered that emotion, our signature mix of quality, skills, and passion, have transformed that feeling into a unique smoking experience built around opulent aromas and luscious notes.”

This blend was in the making for quite some time because we knew the aging process would bring out amazing notes from these Nicaraguan tobaccos. Once perfectly aged, the rest was a matter of finding the ideal size to capture and display them to the fullest! So here it is, this cigar is absolutely fantastic!

, Head of Product Capability