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Author: Zane G.

Blind Cigar Review: Villiger | La Vencedora Churchill

“Just in terms of flavor this was actually a very good cigar. The smoke output was creamy, the draw was nice if I held it just right, and it burned well even with an almost destroyed wrapper. The size was very large though and with the lack of profile changes did make it a bit one dimensional.” -Alan (Eulogy)

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Blind Cigar Review: Southern Draw | 300 Hands Connecticut Piramides

“This is exactly what I’d look for as a morning cigar or first cigar of the day. I typically smoke stronger cigars from the beginning of the day to the end but this was a nice change of pace for me. I’m really starting to enjoy these more often. I’d give this cigar an overall rating of 89. Flavors were pleasant and not overwhelming or overpowering. Would I smoke this again? Yes. Easily worth buying a fiver. ” -Kevin J. (maninblack77)

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Blind Cigar Review: Southern Draw | Cedrus Toro

I liked this cigar quite a bit. While I was initially worried about that strong mesquite woodsiness overpowering any other flavors that might come my way, the cigar managed – and managed well – to balance that with some other flavor notes that made this smoking experience one that I wouldn’t mind at all revisiting.” -Matt Cade (CADE)

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Blind Cigar Review: J.C. Newman | The American No. 3

“The aroma of berries and chocolate were very inviting and promising. However, upon lighting, the chocolate turned to a coffee flavor with hints of berries. It was a pleasant cigar int he beginning. As I approach the second third, the berries slowly diminished and the coffee flavor took over. The one plus was the pepper flavors that left a nice tingle on the lips. As time went on, the coffee turned bitter like the bottom of a pot that had been sitting on the burner far too long. Eventually I was left with a bitter taste with only the peppery tingle keeping me going. Not sure if I would want this one again.” -Eric (smalls29)

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Blind Cigar Review: J.C. Newman | Diamond Crown Maduro No. 4

“So I must start off with this statement: I need to smoke this cigar again to get a true idea of what it is all about. That being said there are some high notes but that can not overcome the tight draw. This is the number one killer of any cigar for me. Disappointing…” -Estevan Z. (TheRealBanzi)

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