Blind Cigar Review: Cavalier Genève | Black Series II ToroCigar Info

The was released at the 2017 IPCPR trade show. This marked the third line for the company. The is different from the original Black Series in that it is box-pressed. Every cigar made by has a unique gold foil atop the wrapper leaf towards the head. It is the company’s signature style and makes them very recognizable. is owned by Swiss entrepreneur, . Like many boutique brand owners, he gave up a corporate life to pursue his hobby and dream of turning the cigar industry into a full time profession.

This cigar was reviewed blind (no bands) by a panel of at least 4 reviewers. They did not know what they were smoking beforehand. The scores are an average of all the reviewers' scores with outliers removed.

The blend for uses a Mexican San Andrés wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan fillers. It was originally launched in five sizes: Robusto (5 x 50) – $8.50, Robusto Gordo (5 x 54) – $8.75, (6 x 54) – $9.00, Gordo (6 x 60) – $9.50, and, Torpedo (6 x 54) – $9.50. Later the company added the Salomones (7 x 50/58) – $12.00 and Lancero (7 x 38) – $8.50.

Editor’s note: we tried our best to cover the unique gold foil in the wrapper as best we could with our numbered band to keep the panel from identifying the cigar, but it’s obvious from some of the notes and pictures that this wasn’t entirely successful. Please take the “blindness” of this review with a grain of salt.

Blind Cigar Review: Cavalier Genève | Black Series II ToroVital Stats:

Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 54
Country of Origin:
Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Number of reviewers: 4 (Bearded Bastard) (TheRealBanzi) () (The Yoga Ash)
Price: $9.00
Age: 11 Months
Release Date: July 2017
Contributed by: Cigars

Blind Cigar Review: Cavalier Genève | Black Series II ToroInitial Impressions

Appearance: 91

“This wrapper has rich dark brown color like dried molasses and quite seamless. The cap is nice and deep on the shoulder and well constructed on this beautiful box press.” – (The Yoga Ash)

Aroma: 90

“Smelling the body of the cigar and I am reminded of hot chocolate, with the mini marshmallows, and leather. The foot adds more leather and some freshly turned soil. When I take a few cold draws I find clove and deep, dark dried fruit. Makes me excited to light this cigar up.” – (TheRealBanzi)

Blind Cigar Review: Cavalier Genève | Black Series II Toro

Blind Cigar Review: |

First Third

Flavor: 93
Strength: Mild-Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

“Notes of cocoa, toast, slight oak and sweetness.” – (Bearded Bastard)

“On the first couple of draws I notice there are no floral notes at all from what I smelled in the wrapper. Instead I get BIG baking coco notes with walnuts and slight waxiness on the lip. As I smoked further into the first third the coco backed way off and a soft woodiness came through.” – (The Yoga Ash)

Second Third

Flavor: 93
Strength: Mild-Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium-Full

“As we enter the second third we get a great transition. We go from hot chocolate to an espresso flavor.  There is also a change in retrohale as the marshmallow fluff has morphed into a sweet black licorice. The spice ramps up as the third comes to a close. Clove, cinnamon and anise can all be found. The smoke stays velvety but the increase in spice has made the finish longer.” – (TheRealBanzi)

“Nuts started off this section followed back by the chocolate. I feel the chocolate is going to be the main component of this cigar. Raisins and dates came back and a little spice here and there. I also got a floral note which was very enjoyable.” – ()

Final Third

Blind Cigar Review: Cavalier Genève | Black Series II Toro

Blind Cigar Review: |

Flavor: 94
Strength: Medium-Strong
Body/Complexity: Medium-Full

“A nice spice of cinnamon has come to the forefront with a leather on the back side. I have totally enjoyed this experience as the changes through out have been a great gentle roller coaster.” – (The Yoga Ash)

“Graham cracker becomes the centerpiece with a return of the Baker’s chocolate and marshmallow. All of this makes me think of a fresh campfire s’mores. The cigar comes to a close with great white pepper the tingle the sinuses and lip and keeps the finish long and enjoyable.” – (TheRealBanzi)

Overall Impressions

Draw: 94

“After a straight cut the draw was great. This allowed the cigar to burn nice and cool for the whole time.” – (TheRealBanzi)

Burn: 88

“The burn was a little wonky, but I think it was cause of the humidity in the air. Even know I am smoking on an extremely humid night and there are storms going, this cigar has not burn hot at all which is nice cause there has NOT been any bitterness.” – (The Yoga Ash)

Construction: 90

“Nice construction. Ash stayed pack and taped off every few inches.” – ()

Overall Strength: Medium
Overall Body/Complexity: Medium-Full
Experience Overall: 94

“Aside from the burn, a very tasty enjoyable smoke. Very smooth and i liked how the flavors developed. The gold leaf was just for appearance, it had no effect on flavors, and it did burn faster than the tobacco causing more touch ups. A smooth smoke for sure. I nubbed it until my mustache smoldered.” – (Bearded Bastard)

“Smoking through this cigar made me think of so many great times, in the end making this a great smoking experience. The time spent with a cigar should pull you away from what is troubling you and this cigar did exactly that. I highly recommend you try this cigar and let it do the same for you. An investment in time that is well worth it.” – (TheRealBanzi)

“Great cigar! Taste was excellent with an amazing burn. Hard to find anything wrong. The chocolate and earthiness was great. Just the right amount of bitterness to the chocolate flavors so it did not overpower the other flavors. I really enjoyed the raisins and dates in the first and second third. I would have like them to finish off the cigar however I can not complain how it finished with the rustic flavor.” – ()

“This is a completely enjoyable cigar with a great burn and construction. You can just have a nice experience and not have to constantly tend to it.” – (The Yoga Ash)

Smoking Time (in minutes): 82

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Blind Cigar Review: |

Overall Score – 92 – Great

  • Appearance 91% 91%
  • Aroma 90% 90%
  • First Third 93% 93%
  • Second Third 93% 93%
  • Final Third 94% 94%
  • Draw 94% 94%
  • Burn 88% 88%
  • Construction 90% 90%
  • Overall Experience 94% 94%