C.L.E. Cigar Company Announces Asylum 867 - Cigar News

C.L.E. Cigar Company Announces Asylum 867 – Cigar News

June 22, 2023- C.L.E. Cigar Company announces the release of Asylum 867 (formerly known as Deadwood Tobacco Co. Chasing the Dragon). The new variable for this blend is the involvement of Wild Bill Rectenwald and his team at DEADWOOD TOBACCO CO. AND CIGAR BAR in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Christian Eiroa, Founder and President of C.L.E. Cigar Company enlisted Wild Bill and his team to blend a cigar like no other Asylum blend. Asylum 867 presents an aromatic smoking experience using exotic tobacco.

Wild Bill Rectenwald, a Marine, gun lover and motorcycle rider has created a culture in South Dakota so unique that his cigar bar is billed as “Best Cigar Bar in the West.” That culture, so contagious that Tom Lazuka, C.L.E. Cigar Company VP of sales and co-founder of Asylum Cigars, strongly felt that a collaboration between Asylum and Wild Bill would be a huge success.

Tom Lazuka is a huge fan of Wild Bill, his team, and their creative ideas for new blends. When Tom first came to me with this idea, I thought it was crazy enough to be an Asylum project. In the end Wild Bill and his team have brought to the table a blend that introduces a new dimension for the Asylum brand.

Christian Eiroa

The Asylum 867 series features three different blends: Aunti, Midnight Oil, and Zero. Asylum 867 comes in twenty count boxes.


  • Corona 46X5. MSRP. $9.50
  • Petite Corona 44X5. MSRP $9.50
  • Auntie Lancero 38X7 MSRP $11.00


  • The 54: 54×6. MSRP $12.00
  • The 60: 60X6. MSRP. $12.50
  • The 70: 70×7. MSRP. $14.00


  • Robusto 50×5. MSRP $ 10.50
  • Toro 50X6. MSRP $11.00
  • Churchill 48X7. MSRP $11.50