CAO Announces Borealis for Canada - Cigar News

CAO Announces Borealis for Canada – Cigar News

CAO is known for using some of the world’s most unique and unexpected tobaccos in its blends. Previous blends have included tobacco from the Amazon jungle, the wilds of Africa, Italy, Columbia and many more. Now, with their latest cigar, the aptly named CAO Borealis, uses tobacco from none other than Canada. This cigar is only for the Canadian market, hance the plain packaging.

CAO Borealis is of course named after the meteorological event that appears as lights in the sky that usually only occur in northern skies, aurora borealis. The tobacco found in the blend is from the province of Ontario, where Canada’s highest quality farmland is located. There, in the province’s Southwest corner, near the Great Lakes where humidity and warm evenings prevail, a special Cuban-seed variety of dark air-cured tobacco is grown.

When you think of great tobacco growing regions, tropical climates and hot, humid growing seasons come to mind. That’s of course true. With ‘Borealis,’ we wanted our fans to experience something new, so we once again took an unconventional path. This time, we’re featuring Canadian tobacco and are delivering a blend that has an air of something different. It’s an experience that’s enjoyable and colors slightly out of the lines. A cigar you’ll want to talk about. And that’s exactly what we wanted to deliver.

Rick Rodriguez, CAO’s blender/ambassador

The blend uses an Ecuadorian Habano Viso wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and filler that includes Nicaraguan tobacco with Cuban-seed Canadian leaf. It was rolled at STG Esteli. CAO Borealis is described as medium-bodied. It comes in two sizes: Robusto (5” x 52), and Toro (6” x 54). Both comes in boxes of 20. Pricing has not been announced. The cigar is currently shipping to retailers.