CAO Announces BX3 - Cigar News

CAO Announces BX3 – Cigar News

(General Cigar) has announced a new cigar line BX3. This follows in the footsteps of cigars like MX2, CX2, and LX2 with the letters representing the type of tobacco used in the blend and the number representing the number of leaves used. In this case, BX3 refers to Brazilian tobacco times three.

CAO Announces BX3 - Cigar News

The tobaccos used in the BX3 come from the primary growing regions of Northeastern Brazil. The wrapper is a Brazilian Mata Fina, under that you find a Brazilian Arapiraca binder, and for the fillers a blend of Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, and . The company describes it as a medium-bodied smoke.

Being trailblazers of tobacco is in 's DNA, and with BX3, we're continuing to pilot the path. Our inspiration was the legendary X series which had put our blending expertise on the map. With BX3, we set out to take the best of Brazilian tobacco and bring it to the next level. The easy thing to do would have been to make a Brazilian puro. Our blending team went that route, and it felt like we were just dialing it in. So they kept at it, peppering in Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Mexican tobaccos in just the right proportions to add character, dimension and layers to the smoke. We're really proud of the way the blend turned out. To us, BX3 is everything a Brazilian-centric smoke should be. It's memorable, savory and thought-provoking and it complements our portfolio beautifully.

Ed Lahmann, 's senior brand manager

BX3 is rolled in Nicaragua at STG Estelí and comes in three vitolas: ” x 52 MSRP per cigar $8.99, Toro 6 x 54 MSRP per cigar $9.49, and Gordo 6 x 60 MSRP per cigar $10.49. All come in boxes of 20 and will start shipping in the first week in July.