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Category: Crimson Lord

Blind Cigar Review: Crimson Lord | Ten 58 Short Torpedo

“It was a good stogie, but it seemed like it didn’t know where to go flavor wise at times, as it would surprise me with a new flavor, but yanked it back about as fast as it arrived, which was rather frustrating. But the basic flavors just weren’t all that enjoyable for me tonight, don’t know why it just wasn’t.” -Robert (NavyPiper)

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Blind Cigar Review: Crimson Lord | Kamikaze Figurado Double Head

“I’m pretty sure I know what this stick was. It’s unique enough in shape, size and overall design that there aren’t a whole lot of things that it could be. If it is what I think it was, I am yet again impressed with the offerings from this company. I’d definitely be in for a fiver of these and will likely head out to my local B&M shortly to go grab a few.” -Dave (mdwest)

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