Cigar News: Arango Cigar Co. Strikes Deal With Falcon Pipes

Arango Cigar Co. announced that they will now be the exclusive US marketer and distributor for Falcon Pipes.  According to Arango’s president, Michael Gold, “The Falcon concept, American-designed in 1936, has dried and cooled the smoking experience for Falcon devotees worldwide.”

Cigar News: Arango Cigar Co. Strikes Deal With Falcon Pipes

The Falcon System is engineered and marketed to provide cool, dry and clean smoke. The key to this is the one-piece aluminum base and stem.  Moisture will condense in the base, with heat radiating from the stem and frame. All Falcon System pieces are interchangeable, which can result in over 2,000 unique configurations. This interchangeability allows smokers to easily rotate bowls, in order to rest them and to clean the collected moisture from the base.

Some briar bowls are also offered in a variety of shapes and finishes, some with meerschaum lining (slightly higher cost). The base/stem is available four different ways. Chrome, Extra Brown, International, and Twisted.

Arango will also be distributing Falcon CoolWay traditional briar pipes. These pipe bowls will be offered in several colors and finishes and come in straight and bent styles with black bits in regular or saddle. Their stems accept standard absorbent filters. MSRP for the Cool Way Briars is $56.

The Falcon System is also known to be affordable. Bowls start at $30, while stem/bit combos start at $20, and extra bits are only $15.