Cigar News: Credo Announces New “Special T” Dual-Blade Cutter

Brings Credo’s New “Special T” Dual-Blade Cutter to Premium Cigar Lovers has introduced Credo’s new Special T dual-blade pocket , designed to open virtually all cigar shapes. Arango is the exclusive U. S. distributor for cigar and pipe accessories and cigars from the world-renowned French manufacturer.

Credo’s Special T was first seen in late 2014, followed by successful sales in stores around the United States. Its name derives from its ability to accommodate Torpedos and all other cigars with large gauges.

The sleek, Special T is another follow-up version of Credo’s top-selling Synchro double-guillotine cutter, introduced in 2004. Special T has two different-sized cutting holes … RG 58 and RG 36 … compared to the original Synchro’s single hole (RG 56). It shares the simplicity, ergonomics and cutting performance that have made the Synchro a popular choice for cigar lovers.

Special T’s durable plastic body offers economy compared to the original, higher-end Synchro’s stainless steel body. The Special T’s opposing steel blades meet Credo’s rigid standards for precise, clean cuts with no crushed heads. Special T cutters’ suggested retail pricing is unknown right now , and they are offered in black or assorted colors. Credo Special T cutters are available now at tobacco retailers throughout the U.S.