Cigar News: Casa Cuevas Launching "Patrimonio” at TPE

Cigar News: Casa Cuevas Launching “Patrimonio” at TPE

Casa Cuevas Cigars is launching “Patrimonio” at Tobacco Expo Plus (TPE) at the Las Vegas Convention Center starting May 12th. The Patrimonio translates to Patrimony in English, meaning property inherited from one’s father or male ancestor. The name is dedicated to Luis Cuevas Sr. and to the paternal lineage of the Cuevas tobacco history which began over a 100 years ago. The Cuevas family’s tobacco history began when Juan Cuevas, a Spanish expatriate, began growing tobacco in Cuba in the mid 19th century.

Cigar News: Casa Cuevas Launching "Patrimonio” at TPE

The Patrimonio was created by Luis Cuevas Jr. and son Alec Cuevas. Master Blender Luis Cuevas Sr. assisted in the blending at the Cuevas family-owned Tabacalera Las Lavas S.R.L. Cigar Factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The Jr. and Alec did not reveal the name of the cigar or packing to Sr. until the blend itself was finalized. This was in order to surprise Cuevas, Sr. with a line that is an homage to him, his father, and his grandfather.

Patrimonio is a project that is extremely near and dear to my son Alec and myself. When my father left Cuba, he left tobacco behind. Years later, after rebuilding in the U.S.A., he was able to revive our family tobacco history by opening his cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. Because of my father’s perseverance, our family legacy continues to live on.

Luis Cuevas Jr., President of Casa Cuevas Cigars

Patrmionio is described as a full-flavored, full-bodied cigar. The blend uses a Honduran Corojo wrapper, Ecuadorian Habano binder, and Peruvian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican filler. It comes in three sizes: 5 x 54—Robusto Gordo $10.50, 6 x 52—Toro $11.00, and 6 x 60—Gordo $11.50. All are in boxes of 20.