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Cigar News: Crowned Heads to Distribute ACE Prime

Cigar News: Crowned Heads to Distribute ACE Prime announced today that they will be distributing cigars for the relatively new company- . made their debut at IPCPR last year with a big splash, lots of lines and sponsorships. Prior to launching their own brand, the company had made cigars for other companies at Tabacalera Pichardo in Esteli, for 12 years.

has been around since 2011 is now in a strong enough position to offer distribution for a new company. “Our vision for was always about more than just cigars – it was based on the philosophy to remain authentic in all that we do, and I believe this is also true for our partnership with Cigars. We've had the privilege of knowing and working with and Pichardo for the past three years. Our relationship has grown organically over that time, and I'm looking forward to taking our business to the next level
via this strategic alliance,” says , Co-founder of .

is no ordinary company; beyond business and profits, we believe the life of our cigars is rooted in passion and making a difference. We are delighted in the announcement of our strategic partnership with . This is the fruit of years of authentic relationship and brings together our common DNA, to build something distinctive and long-lasting,” added Meirelles – Co-founder of Cigars.

In this new partnership, these two companies have come up with BULB- a monthly subscription box that directly supports your local cigar lounge, and provides an exclusive experience with content, access, and special offers-more information on BULB to be announced next week.
“It's all about the alignment and timing. We are excited by the creativity and energy both our teams ( and Cigars) are developing. The idea for BULB comes at an important time. It represents our genuine desire to support local businesses – Keep the lights on, and help customers feel more connected to their local cigar retailer.” – Mike Conder, President and Co-founder of .